Regarding CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations

I have a doubt regarding CAPE-OPEN in DWSIM.

I want to open the ChemSep column from CAPE-OPEN via DWSIM; I first drag and drop the CAPE_OPEN onto my flowsheet. After doing this, I get a separate add cape unit operation window. When I select the ChemSep column and click ok, I am not getting the specified unit on my flowsheet. I have googled this, asked my seniors, and tried all the ways but could not resolve this. I have re-installed DWSIM many times and downloaded several versions, but still, it didn't work out. I have also installed COCO to get various other libraries and assumed that it might help me to open Chem-Sep, but it didn't work. I am also attaching the screenshot of my CAPE-OPEN UI. I have also tried to open the Chem-Sep column from the columns section in DWSIM, but I couldn't connect my Feed material stream, outputs, energy streams, etc. Can you please help me to resolve this issue?

DWSIM 03-12-22, 12:24 p.m. Somayajula_Krishna_Aswin
Under columns also, you can find chemsep column. Did you try that?
03-12-22, 5:30 p.m. Priyam_Nayak

Yes sir, this method worked for me. Thanks sir.

04-12-22, 11:42 a.m. Somayajula_Krishna_Aswin

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