unable to download flash player

in many situations,it is asking for flash player(like adobe f.p.).downloaded adobe flash player  is also not working.suggest some other software which can work in its place  OR post way to download it

FOSSEE Laptop 15-09-15, 2:39 a.m. Deepak
Flashplayer doesn't work on ARM Linux devices. The video in web-browser is choppy as it lacks necessary drivers.
22-09-15, 3:22 p.m. Srikant


Flash Player is bundled inside Chrome. It is kept up to date by the Chrome browser (their background service).

However, you should be able to download the Flash Player installer. If you go to the download page and you don’t see a link on Adobe’s site it’s because it’s preinstalled with Chrome. View the page with another browser like Firefox and it will show you a Save dialog.

If you still have issues post an image of the page that you are on or post in the Adobe Flash Player forums and they should be able to help you there.


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