what is ISO 9001 Certification?

This Quality Management System (QMS) standard specifies requirements to enhance the quality in all phases of the organizations. ISO 9001 Certification offers guidelines for the organization to offer quality products and as well as services to its customers. Also, the 9001 requirements are generic and are intended to be applicable for all organizations including manufacturing industries, corporate companies, educational institutions such as schools and colleges, hospitals, etc.

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ISO Abbreviated as (International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies Formed by more than 160 Countries with one standards body representing each member country. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for example, represents India. Member organizations of ISO collaborate themselves in the development and promotion of international standards for technology, scientific testing processes, working conditions, societal issues, technical standards, and more on ISO 9001 Certification. A General Assembly of ISO which consists of representatives from ISO members from countries and elected leaders called principal officers, acts as the decision-making body for ISO. The organization has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, where a central secretariat oversees operations.
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