Top Data Protector is a professional and powerful Windows tool

The professional Top Data Protector is a lightweight yet eco-friendly utility that password-protects your important documents and personal records on your Windows PC from unknown access and unauthorized modification. The concise and intuitive interface of this program makes it easy to use. You just want to set a password and drag the archives you need, such as contracts, photos, videos, recordings, account passwords, project files, innovative works, or sponsor information into the program, then no one can see, read or adjust them. Without correct password. And you can set data protector to deny study and/or deny access to your files, or even disguise your documents from File Explorer or various third-party programs. In addition to dragging and dropping documents in this program, you can additionally drag and drop folders to protect them With Top Data Protector's effective security, your included information will usually be protected even if your PC is threatened with a ransomware attack. No additional worries about privacy leaks. In short, this program is an excellent choice for you to protect your essential documents and personal information from being modified, encrypted, deleted or stolen.

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