Looking for Solver for Three Phase Heat Transfer with phase change for Cryogenic System

I have been trying to understand and solve one complex problemof cryogenic system. I would be glad if you help me through.

As you can see in attached figure, there is a sphere shaped tank containing liquid oxygen at temperature -263 C. I suppose to evacuate the liquid oxygen by passing Nitrogen gas at high pressure from top inlet. The Nitrogen gas is passing at ambient temperature. i.e. 30 C. The liquid oxygen suppose to come down from the bottom of the tank pipe connected.

The gas phase Nitrogen condenses immediately at the Liquid Oxygen interface and it forms liquid layer. And due to the applied pressure from the top inlet, liquid Oxygen suppose to come out from the bottom outlet.

Here, I suppose to find the temperature profile over the tank and fraction of nitrogen that diffuses at upper oxygen interface.

problem involves three phases basically i.e. gaseous nitrogen, liquid nitrogen (due to condensation) and liquid oxygen.

How I can solve this problem?

OpenFOAM 29-11-17, 10:45 a.m. arezes
Hi Arezes,
You need to check the tutorials of multiPhaseFlow solvers. More specifically you can use interFoam solver.
Geometry of the problem is simple creation of sphere with inlet and outlet, for which you can use Gmsh software.
For the solving part try to go through tutorials for interFoam solver and search for cases solved using interFoam solver.
I attach the research paper for case solved using interFoam, which might be useful to you.
Thank you.
12-12-17, 3:33 p.m. sathish

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