In 2022, Which is the ideal laptop for Animation?

When selecting the best laptop for animation, you should consider the power and a screen size that allows you to clearly and boldly display the work you're doing. This does not mean, as in the past, that you require a large, stationary desktop computer. A portable, adaptable, and powerful laptop is finding favor with many artists as technology advances.

Modern laptops have enormous screens concealed inside a portable and compact design, making them more than capable of handling animation tasks. Even 2-in-1 models are available with the capability to handle all of your rendering and processing requirements.

Obviously, this is all very positive, but it does make it difficult to decide which laptop is best for animation based on your requirements. The following laptops have been chosen by us based on our own testing, or on the excellent advice of industry insiders and our sister sites. For more details, you can view the laptop testing process.

Each laptop on this page is capable of running the best animation programs, such as After Effects, Blender, Maya, and others, but they vary in price, screen size, and other crucial characteristics. Check out our selections of the best drawing tablets for animation if you need something for drawing, or use one of the best laptops for video production service to explore other creative endeavors.

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