error while using thyristor.

when i am trying to use a thyristor from esim_power library, things are going fine till netlist generation but kicad to ngspice conversion successful is also displayed. while doing the kicad to ngspice conversion, device modelling for two diodes is blank and so i have added a path there, leading to diode file in device modelling library. for subcircuit tab, i have added the path to scr file in subcircuit user defined library.

the .cir.out file is

.include scr.sub

.include userDiode.lib

v1 net-_t1-pad1_ gnd dc 100

x1 gnd net-_v2-pad1_ net-_t1-pad2_ scr

v2 net-_v2-pad1_ gnd pulse(0.1 10 10m 0 0 10m 20m)

t1 net-_t1-pad1_ net-_t1-pad2_ two net-_d1-pad2_ 2

d1 two net-_d1-pad2_ D1N750

d2 net-_d1-pad2_ net-_d2-pad2_ D1N750

l1 net-_d2-pad2_ one 1m

c1 one two 1u

r1 two one 1k

* u2 one two plot_v2

.tran 10e-03 100e-03 0e-03

* Control Statements



print allv > plot_data_v.txt

print alli > plot_data_i.txt

plot v(one,two)



the error is integer division or modulo by zero

eSim 09-11-17, 2:06 a.m. sheena
Hi Sheena,
Try connecting different GND connection for the voltage sources. Otherwise they will act as short circuit causing error.
Since you are editing the component value of diode, no need of adding D.lib libraries at Device modeling. Choose either of them.
If you are connecting the pulse to the Gate of SCR, then the other end has to be connected to Gnd.
If you still get the error, Please send the snapshot of the schematic to contact-esim@fossee.in.
10-11-17, 6:09 p.m. Gloria

Hi Sheena,
Try to use D.lib from add device rather than UserDiode.lib.
Let me know the result.
Gloria N
27-11-17, 3:39 p.m. Gloria

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