error while simulating the schematic.

i have made a schematic of a clamping circuit in esim. but while using the simulation button, a dialog box appears saying "fatal error in ngspice" and terminates the simulation. the error message reads "Error while opening python plotting Editor. Please look at console for more details"

following is the information appearing on the console:-

eSim Started......

Project Selected : None

[INFO]: Workspace : C:\\Users\\SHEENA\\eSim-Workspace

[INFO]: The current project is C:\\Users\\SHEENA\\eSim-Workspace\\model1

[INFO]: Kicad to Ngspice Conversion is called

[INFO]: Current Project is C:\\Users\\SHEENA\\eSim-Workspace\\model1

[INFO]: Ngspice simulation is called : C:\\Users\\SHEENA\\eSim-Workspace\\model1

[INFO]: PythonPlotting is called : C:\\Users\\SHEENA\\eSim-Workspace\\model1

[ERROR]: Exception Message :[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\\\Users\\\\SHEENA\\\\eSim-Workspace\\\\model1\\\\plot_data_i.txt'

[ERROR]: Exception Message :local variable 'alli' referenced before assignment

[ERROR]: Exception Message : [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\\\Users\\\\SHEENA\\\\eSim-Workspace\\\\model1\\\\plot_data_v.txt'

all this is displayed in ngspice window but i cannot type anything in that window

eSim 02-11-17, 1:17 a.m. sheena
Dear Sheena, Before simulation there is a step called Kicad to Ngspice conversion, where Kicad files are converted to Ngspice format. Please ensure that this step is done successfully. The files 'plot_data_i.txt' and 'plot_data_v.txt' are created here. If successful, a dialog box will appear which reads Kicad to Ngspice conversion done successfully. Regards, Athul George
02-11-17, 10:57 a.m. athulgeorge

Thank you Athul for your prompt reply.
I have done the Kicad to Ngspice conversion step and the dialog box with the message " Kicad to Ngspice conversion successful" also appears but stil the problem remains. You can also see the console details in the previous message that Kicad to Ngspice conversion was done. Can it be due to an installation issue?
02-11-17, 11:23 a.m. sheena

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