Stumble guys - what is it?

Fall Guys copycat The Mobile Gaming Charts Are Now Controlled by Stumble Guys
Simply said, Fall Guys adopted free-to-play. Stumble Guys was created there.
A copy of Fall Guys that is currently available for mobile devices may end up being even more popular than the original. Its name is Stumble Guys, and it was created by a group of five programmers at the Kitka Games firm in Finland.
Stumble Guys has generated over $21 million in lifetime purchases and 163 million downloads since its initial debut in October 2020, according to Appmagic data found by Mobilegamer.biz (via VGC). It now holds the top spot on the US and UK Google Play free-to-play charts as well as the top spot on the iPhone free-to-play charts for both nations.
Stumble Guys follows the same basic structure as Fall Guys, as the name would imply. After a series of knockout party games, up to 32 participants are reduced to only one. The majority of them seem to be racing on circuits with slides, bumpers, cannons, trampolines, and other obstacles, while a couple levels involve staying alive as long as you can on platforms.
Both Stumble Guys and Fall Guys launched at roughly the same time, although Fall Guys did so first on PC and PS4, whereas Stumble Guys did so first on PC and mobile. Since downloads have increased dramatically in 2022, Stumble Guys' mobile sales have really taken off. Stumble Guys had approximately 9 million downloads in January, but by June that number had nearly tripled. On June 25, alone, 1.5 million people downloaded the game. And last month, $6.6 million was spent on microtransactions as a result of all those downloads.
Even after Fall Guys become free-to-play in June, Kitka claims that Stumble Guys averages about 18 million players each day, which is much more than Fall Guys. Fall Guys was taken off Steam in favor of the Epic Games Store, although it has since been released for the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch as well. Fall Guys is still playable on Steam on the Valve platform, but new users must purchase the PC version from Epic.

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