How to make ringtones

To create a phone ringtone, first select an audio file. An MP3 file is a perfect candidate. You can select an existing MP3 file or download a new one from the Internet. For Android devices, you can access the settings of an existing file. To do this, navigate to Settings > Sounds & vibrations > Phone ringtone > My sounds. Once you've selected the music file, tap Save.

If your phone is in silent or do not disturb mode, the ringtone will not work. To get around this, just unblock the number. You can access this option in the phone app's Settings menu. Once done, you can use your phone's ringtone again sonnerie téléphone.

iPhone and Android smartphones have different ringtone options, so you can easily customize your phone ringtone. With an Android phone, you can use free or paid software for this task. Using this software, you can cut a small part of the sound that plays when the phone rings. This way you can distinguish your calls easily.

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