Is a PHARMACY background STUDENT can develop a TCB

Respected sir

I am new to this Scilab software. I have watched the live video that had presented on youtube. I have certain queries:
I heard this software is mostly usefull to engineering streams student.
How much the Scilab software is useful for a PHARMACY students.
can i work on Scilab and develop a TCB .
Also i am install the scilab software and all available ATOMS modules in my laptops
so please help me for NEW SUBJECT (not in listed) of Pharmacy

Scilab Toolbox System Identification Toolbox 13-10-17, 11:08 p.m. prashant8lok
Hi Prashant, after reading list of your questions/doubts , it seems like you are very enthusiastic about "Scilab". It is an open source software so you can use your creativity to build new functions that will help you as well as others. It helps Engineering students in many ways and Kannan sir gave some of the very good examples in his live video. It will and it can be a helpful computational software for the PHARMACY students. Up to my understanding, in Pharmacy ,there must be a problem statement. That statement will have a well define model which may be intuitive or mathematical . Now, the creativity part comes here. You can write those models as Scilab functions and can create a new tool box for whole Pharmacy community. For "TBC" you can propose the book and Sir gave all the details about "How the TBC works". You can put your problem statement and we can figure out the best way to solve the problems of the "New Subject".
14-10-17, 12:30 a.m. ashutumho

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