Is a computer background student can develop a TCB


I am new to this Scilab software. I have watched the live video that had presented on Thursday 3-5 pm. I have certain queries:
I heard this software is mostly used by Electronics , electrical streams.
How much the Scilab software is useful for a Computer science students.
If the student is good in coding but not having any idea about Mat-lab , can he work on Scilab and develop a TCB .

Python 13-10-17, 6:56 a.m. Anjusiva
I am happy that you chose to post this "Scilab" question in the "Python" forum. The reason is that Python is more suitable to computer programmers like you. Scilab is likely to have a lot more "application" type of libraries, compared to Python. Scilab is more like Matlab than Python is. But both of these advantages are not relevant to you. On the other hand, it is possible to do all kinds of programming in Python: starting from device level communication to fancy application programming. Finally, there are a lot of employment opportunities for those who know Python. Because of all these, please consider Python programming. All the projects that I mentioned about Scilab are available for Python also. For example, contribute a Python textbook companion. If you are already good in Python, get into advanced activities like Django programming. If you are good in Python programming, we will be interested in giving an internship or a full time job to you. Best wishes, Kannan
13-10-17, 7:47 a.m. kannan

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