Regarding Submission of flow sheet and its deadline.

Hello, can you please guide me how to select flowsheet from DWSIM and submit it ? Is there any deadline for submitting the flowsheet ?

DWSIM 07-08-17, 8:30 p.m. miral
First of all, there is no deadline to apply for this project. So, you can apply anytime. However the sooner you apply, earlier will be the chance for your contribution to be recognized by FOSSEE, IIT Bombay. In any case, we have deadline for submitting the flowsheet after you have submitted proposal which is typically one month from the date of submission of proposal.

Here are the detailed steps to participate in flowsheeting project.
  1. Register yourself at FOSSEE DWSIM using: http://dwsim.fossee.in/user/register
  2. Once registered, login using http://dwsim.fossee.in/user
  3. Submit a proposal using the flowsheeting proposal link: http://dwsim.fossee.in/flowsheeting-project/proposal
  4. Once proposal is received by us and approved, you can upload your flowsheet and a short abstract here: http://dwsim.fossee.in/flowsheeting-project/abstract-code/upload
  5. Submitted flow sheet will be published in DWSIM FOSSEE webpage after it is reviewed by technical team.
  6. Please check for the detailed guidelines to create flow sheet in this link: http://dwsim.fossee.in/flowsheeting-project/coding-guidelines-flowsheeting
  7. Also, few sample flow sheets have been made available in the link here: http://dwsim.fossee.in/flowsheeting-project/completed-flowsheet
  8. Completing a flow sheet with the mentioned guidelines will be awarded with prize money and certificate from FOSSEE, IIT Bombay.
Detailed information about how to apply for this activity is also available on http://dwsim.fossee.in/flowsheeting-project

You can get started by learning DWSIM from our spoken tutorials here: http://spoken-tutorial.org/tutorial-search/?search_foss=DWSIM&search_language=English

In case of any queries, please feel free to revert back to us. We will be happy to guide you.
08-08-17, 9:23 a.m. Priyam_Nayak

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