JIRA vs. Service-Now for Software Project Management

The company that I'm working for is going to start using ServiceNow for its IT operations and call-center management and they are looking at its SDLC module for software project management. However, there is also a push (by me) for using JIRA+Greenhopper+Fisheye+Crucible.

Has anyone out there done a feature-by-feature comparison of these two tools?

Using the ServiceNow demo, it sounds like it's quite versatile but I believe it's being customized pretty heavily for our call center by Service-Now, themselves.

One of the biggest things that I've liked about JIRA is the extreme level of customization that we can do on our own and morph our processes as a result of our retrospectives. I'm not entirely confident that ServiceNow can provide that and I would definitely like to hear more.

Some features that I'm wondering about in ServiceNow that I can accomplish with JIRA+Greenhopper:

  • Sprints across multiple projects (Scrum Products in ServiceNow?)

  • Source/Code Review integration like with Fisheye and Crucible

  • Epics management spanning multiple projects

  • Release Management - JIRA Versions vs. ServiceNow Releases - some teams plan out future releases and others simply cut a build tag based on what looks good on their release branch. JIRA lets me have different operational processes to help Leads accomplish this to match what they do "in real life."

Any other points in differentiation between these two products would be great. Thanks!

Python 22-07-22, 5:18 p.m. raivivan
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