Teaching Feeling Apk Review

Teaching Feeling apk is a fun and educational game that teaches you to be kind and compassionate to others. It features the fictional character Sylvie, who is battling great trauma and is in need of love and attention. The game also offers tips on how to overcome depression. Its two-dimensional graphics and detailed scenes are reminiscent of anime characters. You'll need to learn how to help Sylvie overcome her difficulties to live a happier life.

The game is designed for adults who are 18 years and older. It follows the story of a lone doctor in a small town. You play as a doctor who comes across a young man carrying a little girl, who is in danger. As you help him, you'll also earn money by teaching her how to understand her feelings. It's a fun and uplifting game that will leave you feeling good and helping others.

Unlike many other dating games, this one has an educational component. You'll learn how to make a girl feel happy by tapping her different facial features. This game is easy to play, and parents or teachers can engage in interactive activities with their children. Plus, the main character is adorable, and many players end up spending longer playing than they expected! There's nothing better than a game that teaches you how to make real-world relationships.

The story revolves around the protagonist of the game, Sylvie. She was a slave and suffered mistreatment. She was given to the central character after torment and disrespect. The game's story is told through her point of view, and her actions are portrayed in the form of different responsibilities. You can choose to have a child with her to repay her kindness. Despite the story being tragic, the game encourages players to explore different scenarios and interact with other characters.

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