Can't convert old diagram (problem in version) while using To Workspace (xcos)

Hi all, I'm new to Scilab and Xcos and I'm just facing this problem.

I'm testing Scilab's genetic algorithms in a simple Xcos diagram. I will frequently face this error "Can't convert old diagram (problem in version)" when retrieving the results from Xcos using To Workspace. Looks like the error occurs in the line where I write "result = [A.time,A.values];", being A the vector created by To Workspace. Thing is, this error doesn't happen every time, but when I'm calculating 10 generations of 100 individuals each, it's guaranteed that it will happen at least once and the code will stop. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!

Scilab 02-08-17, 5:07 p.m. leohpaz
Well, can you run Scilab's genetic algorithms completely in scilab code i.e. without xcos? This is just to make sure the code doesn't fail at a given time (division by 0 etc.)? If possible please try it. Let us know the results.
02-08-17, 5:48 p.m. rupakrokade
Yes, I can run the simulation without the genetic algorithm. And the weirdest thing just happened right now: I was playing with some values and running the code (without the ga) and for a given combination of values I got the error again. I just closed the dialog box, run the code again and it worked, without changing a thing. Maybe it's some issue related to overwriting the A matrix? But I`ve written "clear; clc;" in the beginning of the code, so the the memory should be clean by the time I'm running the code again. Weird.

02-08-17, 7:44 p.m. leohpaz

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