Hydrofoil in OpenFOAM

Dear Community,

I am quite new in OpenFOAM. I am doing turbulence flow pattern of NACA0012 hydrofoil. I have done it in Ansys Fluent. Now I am tring to solve it in OpenFOAM.com to validate the answer. I wanto share the procedures:

1. I have save the ansys fluent mesh in ASCII and used a command fluentMeshtoFoam and covert the mesh file.

2. I have updated the boundary file, p and U file. ( My Re = 2.98X10^6, nu = 0.001002991, rho = 997 kg/m^3, Speed = 3 m/s)

3. Now, simpleFoam command used and execute the case with this error (functionObjects::div contErr writing field: div(phi)). Then foam file generated.

4. Open the foam file in paraview. Extraxt Cp for lower and upper surface. Plot the Cp vs x/c. but didnot get the same result like Ansys, the difference is huge.

Now my questions are:

1. Whats wrong I have done?

2. should I update other files according my Re, V, nu value?

3. How can I solve this?

Kindly help me :(

OpenFOAM 16-07-22, 11:37 p.m. silver.blaze

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