ParticleLabeling with IPCV toolbox command imlabel

Hey guys,

I am currently working with the IPCV toolbox command imlabel for identifying particles in an image.
Everything works quite well, but the problem is that the output from the imlabel is in int8-format, which allows only 256 different labels. However, in my image there are way a few thousands. Consequently, each identified label containes multiple particles, because in the int8 format the numbers are being overwritten, when labels larger than 255 are being added...
Soooo... Is there a way to make the command output an int16 for instance? At the moment I could only think of a workaround by taking each label from the int8 and run the imlabel-command again. However, that means that I have to perform the imlabel-command 257 times (1 original and than 256 for each int-label in the 8bit range). And THAT takes some time, just to extract information that was already obtained but lost through the int8-formatting :(

Scilab 26-07-17, 4:36 p.m. Hackmet
Hello, Please contact the toolbox authors. You should find the contact details on the toolbox ATOMS page.
08-08-17, 2:05 p.m. shamika

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