Sitecore 8 Bucket

In Sitecore 8 Sitecore.Buckets.Forms.SelectRenderingDatasourceForm is same as that of sitecore 7. The Experience Editor functionality of "Add to here" component using the SelectRenderingDatasource.xml which uses the Sitecore.Buckets.Forms.SelectRenderingDatasourceForm code behind file is working fine. Some of the methods in Sitecore 7 Sitecore.Buckets.Forms.SelectRenderingDatasourceForm are missing in Sitecore 8 but the functionality is working correctly. Are this methods present in some other dll in sitecore 8 where these methods are present. I am currently facing an issue while customizing the SelectRenderingDatasource.xml. How is the backend compatibility maintained?


OpenFOAM 11-07-22, 8:37 a.m. tejaswini
"How is the backend compatibility maintained?" This issue needs to be clearly understood to be more usable. Avoid the unfortunate situation from happening. we become what we behold
01-08-22, 2:25 p.m. lopezmason

I am facing the same issue. Can someone please help? I looked online for help but couldn't find any articles on this topic. Moreover, I am getting a 1212 error.
26-12-22, 7:05 p.m. harryberger

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