Octordle game

Octordle game is most probably the most difficult interpretation of Wordle presently available to puzzle enthusiasts. This interpretation of the game gives players a thousand sum of 13 guesses to get 8 words correct. The puzzle board is massive, and it adds depths to the master that make it look ampere easy as proto-Indo European in comparison. While inspired by Wordle, the website mentions that this adaptation is based on like games called Quordle and Dordle which are Wordle variations with four answers and two answers, respectively.

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How to play Octordle

1 Octordle is very similar to Wordle, but with a few differences. There are eight words hidden in the game at once, and for each word there is a separate field of 13 lines. You need to enter your words to get hints. 2 Enter the first word consisting of the same number of letters as there are squares in one line (4 or 5 letters depending on the settings) and press the Enter button. The word will be entered in all 8 fields at the same time. 3 Now in all fields the letters of the entered word will change their color, but most likely in different ways. This is because these colors are clues to the hidden word. Since the words are different, the clues are also different. 4 Green color means a correctly guessed letter. This letter is in the right place. Yellow color means that this letter is in the hidden word, but is in a different place or places. Gray color means that such a letter is not in the word. 5 Please note that for your convenience, the keyboard buttons also change their color independently for each playing field and word. Keep typing words, get hints and find out all eight hidden words. You need to guess all the words to win.
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