vertical loading in interfoam

Hi foamers,

I am working on simulation of fresh concrete experiment. In the experiment, a concrete cylinder is placed between 2 plates and a load of 1.5N is applied on the upper plate and the displacement of the upper plate is measured.

Using blockMesh i created a box and using setFields cylinderToCell i managed to create my cylinder in the box. But, i dont know how to input the load into the simulation.

Please provide some suggestions.

OpenFOAM 11-07-17, 8:40 p.m. hsai1991
Hi Sai, I suggest you to go through solidDisplacementFoam and find whether it can be applicable for your case. Also check solidEqulibriumDisplacementFoam which is available in foam extend 3.1. Regards, Sathish
28-09-17, 1:16 p.m. sathish

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