Wordpress admin page


Wordpress admin pages, such as pages created with element or builder, will not load, only on bravo. this will not allow me to edit the pages of my website using elementor buillder.

This only works when I turn brave shields on and off multiple times.


Python 24-06-22, 8:38 p.m. martinaperez
Thanks for the update. I didn’t think that it could be because of the extension.
I am not a WordPress professional, but I make websites for people, and I often use extensions. So, thanks for informing me, and I will be more cautious while using them. Also, do you know some free online WordPress classes that anyone can attend? I want to deepen my knowledge and have someone check my code and tell me whether it is alright or not. I want to get a higher position in this company https://prosvit.design/wordpress-services/website-theme-development/ and need to be more proficient than I am now because they do not do education.
24-06-22, 8:41 p.m. Lancelotti

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