Error while running program

While running a program following error message observed. SciLab version 5.3.3 Please suggest me solution
!--error 246
Function not defined for given argument type(s),
check arguments or define function %ip_part for overloading.
at line 11 of function init called by :
res=init([port1 port2]);
at line 11 of exec file called by :
exec ser_init.sce
at line 4 of exec file called by :
exec('E:\D\beproj\16-17\SBHS\scilab_codes_local\Step_test\start.sce', -1)

SBHS 01-06-17, 5:45 p.m. lalitchaudhari
Hello Lalit, The "function not defined" error occurs when you try to call a function without loading it. The "getd" command in the start.sce file is probably failing. This will happen if the "common_files" folder is moved from its place. It is difficult to know the exact reason given the limited info in your question. I suggest you follow the manual way of executing the code as explained in the spoken tutorial and the SBHS manual, before you begin using "start.sce" file. Rupak
13-10-17, 5:44 p.m. rupakrokade

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