Read This To Know How Long Colonoscopy Is

A colonoscopy (koe-lun-OS-kuh-pee) is a test used to detect changes or irregularities in the internal organ (colon) and rectum.

During a colonoscopy, a long, adaptable tube (colonoscope) is inserted into the rectum. A tiny video camera at the tip of the tube allows the doctor to see the inside of the whole colon.

On the off chance that important, polyps or other sorts of strange tissue can be eliminated through the extension during a colonoscopy. Tissue tests (biopsies) can be taken during a colonoscopy too.

Read this to know how long is a colonoscopy?

Why It's Done

Your doctor might prescribe a colonoscopy to:

Investigate intestinal signs and symptoms. A colonoscopy can assist your doctor with exploring potential causes of abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, and other intestinal problems.

Screen for colon cancer. Assuming you're age 50 or more seasoned and at normal risk of colon cancer — you have no colon cancer risk factors other than age — your doctor might suggest a colonoscopy at regular intervals or here and there sooner to screen for colon cancer.

How long is a colonoscopy? Colonoscopy is one choice for colon cancer screening. Talk with your doctor about your choices.

Search for additional polyps. Assuming that you have had polyps before, your doctor might prescribe a follow-up colonoscopy to search for and eliminate any extra polyps. This is done to lessen your risk of colon cancer.

What You Can Expect

· During The Procedure

During a colonoscopy, you'll wear an outfit, yet probably nothing else. Sedation is typically suggested. Now and again a gentle narcotic is given in pill form. In other cases, the narcotic is combined with an intravenous pain prescription to minimize any discomfort.

You'll begin the test lying on your side on the test table, normally with your knees drawn toward your chest. The doctor will insert a colonoscope into your rectum.

The extension — which is sufficiently long to arrive at the whole length of your colon — contains a light and a tube (channel) that allows the doctor to siphon air or carbon dioxide into your colon.

The air or carbon dioxide inflates the colon, which provides a superior perspective on the lining of the colon.

At the point when the extension is moved or air is introduced, you might feel abdominal cramping or the inclination to have a solid discharge.

The colonoscope additionally contains a tiny video camera at its tip. The camera sends pictures to an outside monitor with the goal that the doctor can concentrate on the inside of your colon.

The doctor can likewise insert instruments through the channel to take tissue tests (biopsies) or eliminate polyps or other areas of strange tissue.

How long is a colonoscopy? A colonoscopy normally takes around 30 to an hour.

After The Procedure

After the test, it requires about an hour to begin to recuperate from the narcotic. You'll require somebody to bring you back home because it can require as long as a day for the full impacts of the narcotic to wear off.

Try not to drive or go with significant choices or return to work for the remainder of the day.

Assuming your doctor eliminated a polyp during your colonoscopy, you might be advised to eat a unique diet for a brief time.

You might feel swelled or pass gas for a couple of hours after the test, as you eliminate any confusion from your colon. Walking might assist with relieving any discomfort.

You may likewise see a limited quantity of blood with your most memorable defecation after the test. Normally this isn't causing a caution.

Counsels your doctor on how long is a colonoscopy or assuming you continue to pass blood or blood clumps or on the other hand on the off chance that you have persistent abdominal pain or a fever.

While far-fetched, this might happen immediately or in the initial not many days after the procedure, yet might be deferred for dependent one to about fourteen days.

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