Problem in DWSim- Wine

I have been struggling to get DWSim-Wine version 7.5.5 (or any earlier version) running on my latest Manjaro Linux machine. The Wine version 7.4 is installed. When I run DWSim-Wine, the software opens the GUI, but whenever I try to open any file or try to save a newly created simulation, the application crashes. Please advise me how to get going because it is frustrating to not get it going. I have tried different versions of Wine and different versions of DWSim but with no success.


DWSIM 06-05-22, 10:25 a.m. sppar
All the replies posted above are Spam. I could sort out the issue. I found out that whenever I was trying to run DWSim, the My Documents, My Downloads etc. folders were not present in a particular directory in DWSim. Once I copy pasted them, everything works fine now. This is the Solution.
11-06-22, 3:08 p.m. sppar

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