No new project created - facing problem

I have downloaded eSim and installed it. First window appears as shown in the spoken tutorial.

When I goes to create a new project Name and press Enter

Appears a dialog box Error Message (The project name should not contain space between them)

eSim Started......

Project Selected : None

[INFO]: Workspace : C:\Users\acer pc\eSim-Workspace

[INFO]: No new project created

I am not able to create a project. Please guide me what to do or what is the problem ?

eSim 05-05-22, 11:18 a.m. Dkshakya
The problem is that the new project you created is not yet live. 1v1 lol is because the new project has not yet been launched by the platform you are using. To launch a new project, you need to first register it with the platform. Once registered, you can start creating new projects and launching them.
13-09-22, 8:53 a.m. tommchris7

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