How do I get my Certificate

I am just recently joined Swayam

Currently Studying python

My class duration is 15weeks

After that anytime can I attend the exam ?

Or is their any specific dates will provide

And If it is their How do I know when it will be my exam ?

And when will I get my Certificate

Plz Give me a proper information

Python 19-04-22, 11:44 a.m. Swaragcm
Yes, I wanna know how that ho can I get a certification in javascript online course as this is one of the best certifications to do nowadays. Many students who wanna get this certification are doing courses from the yoohoo academy after completing courses from them. When I asked about certification from them they say this is one of the best academy to do this certification as they give you full command over it. What do you think is this is one of the best places to get my certification or not. kindly tell me about it.
20-04-22, 10:15 p.m. taylorchan067

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