How to create a internal gate?

Hi members,

I am a new FOSSEE user and just started using openFOAM. I am simulating LCPC box test for fresh concrete. I did my mesh using blockMesh and recently got stuck on how to create a gate, so that when i start the simulation the gate opens allowing the concrete flow in the uni-direction.
Thanks in advance!!

OpenFOAM 25-04-17, 5 p.m. hsai1991
OpenFOAM is not an animation software which will show you the automated movement of your gate. You can analyze the motion of concrete. I suggest you refer to the damBreak tutorial of interFoam solver for your case. Make an inlet patch. There is no need for your gate to open and close.
Viraj Belekar
26-04-17, 11:33 a.m. virajbelekar

To create a gate in your simulation using OpenFOAM, you will need to use the "patch" boundary condition in your mesh file. The patch boundary condition is used to specify a boundary that allows flow in or out of the domain, link here..
02-03-23, 8:07 a.m. falcon66hygi

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