Scilab from an External Program

In Euler Math Toolbox (EMT), I found that the interface to Scilab no longer works. The reason could be changes in Scilab or Windows 11. There are not many users of EMT that use Scilab, and the interface is rather rudimentary. So, this is not an important point for EMT. Nevertheless, it worked in the past.

To be more precise, EMT is calling Scilab via the system API in Windows like any other program (I start Scilex.exe) and tried to communicate with Scilab via text pipes. The output pipe worked perfectly, and I get the Scilab banner in EMT. But the input pipe is ignored by Scilab. Sending something like "4+5"+char(10) never gets an answer by the program. Since that worked before, maybe someone knows what has changed and how to fix it.

If this is not the right forum for such specific questions, please excuse.

R. Grothmann

Scilab 13-12-21, 2:30 p.m. ReneGrothmann

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