Uninstall Not Working

Hello eSim Team,

I cannot uninstall eSim after I installed it from: eSim-2.1_installer.exe

The dialog box just "goes away" when I run uninstall from either:

  • Add/Remove Programs (built-in Windows tool to add/remove programs)
  • Execute the uninstaller manually: G:\FOSSEE\eSim\uninst-eSim.exe

... I was not able to find a log file for the uninstaller in order to help determine why the uninstaller is failing.

Until this is fixed/patched (which I understand may take some time), could I please get a complete manifest for the installation so I can remove the software manually?


George 2.0

eSim 24-11-21, 1:35 a.m. George2.0

Dear George,
Can you try running the uninst-eSim.exe as an administrator and let me know what is error you are getting then?

Please post the screenshot if in case you are getting something.

In order to unistall eSim manually:
1. Delete all the files in your G:\FOSSEE\eSim\ directory
2. Delete the .nghdl and .esim folder in C:\Users\<username> directory(home directory)
3. Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming and delete the KiCAD folder
4. Go to start and type"Edit the System Environment variables". Click on Environment Variables and remove the Environment variables associated with eSim/KiCAD/FOSSEE/nghdl.

Please refer to following repo for more details:
eSim/Windows at installers ยท FOSSEE/eSim (github.com)
Thank You.
Sumanto Kar

24-11-21, 12:01 p.m. Sumanto

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