dsmcFoam + cht solver combination possible?

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I have worked with dsmcFoam to simulate some problems and I have also worked with chtMulti-Foam solver.

But is there a possibility wherein I can combine both the solvers in such a way that I perform DSMC simulation for the fluid part and perform the heat transfer analysis for a body subjected to this flow.

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OpenFOAM 05-09-21, 11:27 p.m. milinmartin397
chtMultiRegionFoam is a. Combination of heatConductionFoam and buoyantFoam for conjugate heat transfer between a solid region and fluid region. DGCustomerFirst
11-09-21, 12:52 p.m. Wilson65

We need to calculate multiphase stream of the one substance in the air atmosphere (this is why we using interFoam), but also we need to get heat transfer data between the substance, solid obstacle (moving reference frame) and atmosphere. scholarsband

16-11-21, 5:41 p.m. Chinwong

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If you are interested in rarefied gases, you may want to investigate the possibility of using the dsmcFoam+ solver. This software is based on the OpenFOAM software framework and is parallelized using MPI. It is free and open-source and includes helpful features, such as chemical reactions and subsonic pressure boundary conditions. To use dsmcFoam with the CFD solver, you'll have to make certain assumptions about the temperature distributions of the light and heavy particles. For example, for non-equilibrium conditions, the electron Te and heavy particle Th must be at a temperature higher than the rest of the system. The OpenFoam built-in solver is designed to handle non-equilibrium ionization-recombination equilibrium, ambipolar transport of particles, two-temperature models, and heat transfer between solids. dg survey

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