Image read and display problem

The IPD Win-64 tool box has been added to scilab 5.5.2 version. The functions have been added in the Image Processing section of Help Browser but not able to read and view the images in scilab when ReadImage command was used. The console says: -->RGB = ReadImage(IPD_PATH + 'demos\teaset.png'); !--error 4 Undefined variable: ReadImageFile at line 61 of function ReadImage called by : RGB = ReadImage(IPD_PATH + 'demos\teaset.png'); Kindly help.

Scilab Toolbox Image Processing Toolbox 24-02-17, 11:02 a.m. ramansastra
Could you check if the image is present at that location?
21-03-17, 2:41 p.m. shamika

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