Reactive equilibrium column

Hi all,

we are facing some problems trying to implement a reactive absorption column in DWSIM. Main problems are related to the setting of reaction parameters in through ChemSep column and to understand how DWSIM solver could give us different results with respect to the the solution of ChemSep interface.

1) how should we set the equilibrium reaction in ChemSep interface? Even if everything seems to be fine, the reaction does not take place inside the column. The only wait to get products out of the column is using kinetic approch and constants

2) solving the problem using ChemSep interface give totally different results in terms of temperature compared to DWSIM simulation run. Does someone has suggestion on that?



DWSIM 17-06-21, 9:30 p.m. t.gallingani@gmail.com

1) Did you try selecting the reaction type as Homogeneous-equilibrium and then enter the equilibrium data?

2) What problem did you try solving using ChemSep and DWSIM where you are getting different results in terms of temperature? Will it be possible to share the simulation? If yes, please upload the simulation files in g-drive and share the link here. One possible reason for temperature difference may be because of use of different thermodynamic models in DWSIM and ChemSep.

28-06-21, 12:01 p.m. Priyam_Nayak

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