Basic queries regarding cad, mesh and sim

As my final year project I am working on external vehicle aerodynamics. I have prepared full fledged external surface of the vehicle in Solidworks but it is a surface body with around 200+ surfaces. And the model is not allowing me to convert into solid body.

Is a solid body required for simulations in openFOAM?
(Like it is required in flow simulation in Solidworks itself)

I am using Salome for meshing but i don't know how to create enclosure around my vehicle.

How to create enclosure in Salome?
(like we can do in fluent)

I want to use Spalart Allmaras turbulence model.

How do I select the turbulence model?
( I know it is present in src/RAS but i dont know how to call upon it so that the variable in 0 folder change.)

Your input will be very helpful sir.

OpenFOAM 16-01-17, 2:09 p.m. Rawnap07


I would suggest that you export your CAD Model in .stl format to be used in OpenFOAM. You can use snappyHexMesh for meshing in OpenFOAM. You can refer to the tutorials on snappyHexMesh on this link: OpenFOAM Spoken Tutorials . You can use the Spalart Allmaras turbulence model by specifying the same in turbulenceProperties dictionary in the constant folder of your test case.

Viraj Belekar

16-01-17, 2:29 p.m. virajbelekar


Viraj sir,

I appreciate your response. With regards to changing the turbulence properties to Spalart Allmaras will the variables in 0 folder will also change? This was my doubt.
Snappyhexmesh is a little complicated, so I referred a third party software. Still I will give it a try.
Thanks you sir once again. I shall try the above and will relay doubts if occurred.

16-01-17, 2:36 p.m. Rawnap07


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