Xcos Block Wizard

I'm searching how to customize the super-block symbols (customizing symbol diagram, port name, etc..) in xcos and found the article describing "Xcos Block Wizard" from google results. https://www.scilab.org/content/download/402/2908/file/ScilabTEC2011_WorkshopScilab5.4.0.pdf The tool looks very cool but I cannot find the function in Scilab/Xcos 5.5.2. My questions are.. - How do I find the tool? Is the plan suspended? or - Can I change port positions in super blocks? (I know how to rotate/mirror the blocks. I want to change the position of a specific port out of multiple ports in a block

Scilab 16-01-17, 12:37 p.m. Shigeru
We do not have a direct answer to your question right now. Please note that FOSSEE promotes scilab and its application in education. We do not maintain or create scilab. We however do create learning material in the form of tutorials and textbook companions. We also create scilab toolboxes. You may want to check scilab.in.
14-02-18, 5:37 p.m. rupakrokade

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