Problem with data import from Excel to Xcos

Hello, I have a problem with the data import from Excel; using readxls i can pu the data from Excel to the workspace of Scilab and it works good.

when I use Xcos with the data import from excell it works only for basic operation, if I make a systems more complex it returns me an error: point of singolarity. I also try to test different little models that works with the data import and combine this simple models but the sistem return to me the same error.

Someone know how avoid thi problem?


Scilab 19-05-21, 8:40 p.m. BBS394

Hey guys, First of all the problem: I created a HIL-ManualTesting-Prototype in Xcos using the Arduino Toolbox with an Arduino Mega as an I/O-Device. It works okay but has a bad user experience due to the problem that all the tk-Scale sliders aren't named and also deploying on one window (you have to slide them bigger and put them to another place to use all of them). Currently I am using five TK-Scales but I want to scale the HIL to a bigger size. Moreover I also want to bind one slider to an value. For example I have two states. At state one I can manually change the slider value but if state two appears it should change the slider value to a fix level that is calculated by software.





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