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Even after uploading the vhdl file from the nghdl example section i am not able to see that component in eSim_nghdl librabry. Infact whole of eSim_nghdl library is not there and when i am adding the library from preferences its showing that library is already in use but than too it doesn't show up in place component tool.

eSim 05-05-21, 8:05 p.m. BhawarthGupta

I am getting this at the terminal window of esim while uploading vhdl file

Browse button clicked
Vhdl file uploaded to process : C:/FOSSEE/eSim/nghdl/Example/logic_gates/nor_gate.vhdl
Upload button clicked
Uploaded File extension :.vhdl
Current Working Directory :C:\FOSSEE\eSim
Create Model Directory Called
Current Working Directory Changed to C:\FOSSEE\ngspice-nghdl\src\xspice\icm\ghdl
Model to be created : nor_gate
Creating model nor_gate directory
Adding Model nor_gate in Modpath file C:\FOSSEE\ngspice-nghdl\src\xspice\icm\ghdl
Adding model name nor_gate into modpath.lst
Create Model Files Called
Current Working directory changed to C:\FOSSEE\eSim
Arguement is : C:/FOSSEE/eSim/nghdl/Example/logic_gates/nor_gate.vhdl
VHDL filename is : nor_gate.vhdl
Scan Data : a : in std_logic
Scan Data : b : in std_logic
Scan Data : c : out std_logic
Port Info : [' a : in:1', ' b : in:1', ' c : out:1']
a in 1 b in 1 c out 1 Inout List : [['a', 'in', '1'], ['b', 'in', '1']]
Output list [['c', 'out', '1']]
Output Port List : ['c:1']
Input Port List : ['a:1', 'b:1']
Starting With cfunc.mod file
Building content for cfunc.mod file
Starting with ifspec.ifs file
Gathering Al the content for ifspec file
Starting with testbench file
Creating DUT directory at C:\FOSSEE\ngspice-nghdl\src\xspice\icm\ghdl\nor_gate\DUTghdl
Copying required file to DUTghdl directory
run Make Called
Running Make command in C:\FOSSEE\ngspice-nghdl\release\src/xspice/icm
make command process pid ---------- > <sip.voidptr object at 0x000001C26B5B2C60>
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "ngspice_ghdl.py", line 311, in createSchematicLib
File "shutil.py", line 245, in copy
File "shutil.py", line 120, in copyfile
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'ghdl/ghdl.cm'
06-05-21, 11:23 a.m. BhawarthGupta

Hey, Was having the same problem, but a could resolve it. see if this will work: 1.Go to prefrences>>component library. 2. 'Remove' nghdl from the component library list. 3.Add an example file of nghdl by clicking the nghdl icon 4. Go to prefrences>>component library and 'Add' nghdl.lib Now youll find esim_nghdl in the component list! Hoping it would work!
11-05-21, 7:21 a.m. Darshan_1512

I'm also facing the same issue. I followed the steps metioned by you but it still persists. Please let me know if you have any other solution.

15-05-21, 7:27 p.m. Pratik_Patil

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Dear Bhawarth and Pratik, Please paste your vhdl file here.
03-08-21, 2:43 p.m. Sumanto

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