Crude oil Flash in Tank


I´m working with vapors generated from crude oil storage tanks and I wonder if I can run flash calculations in DWSIM if I already have the crude oil composition, and if it is as "simple" as creating the energy stream, setting the compounds i´ve got, putting the stream flow rate and pressure and the setting the atmospheric pressure within the tank, in order to get the flashed vapors.

I´m not familiar with assays for crude oil, but I´ve worked several times with material streams with gas compositions, in this case I´ve got the oil composition.


DWSIM 28-04-21, 7:50 p.m. diego.garcia
To create a material stream with the known oil composition, you will have to perform Petroleum Characterization (Bulk C7+). This option can be found under tools. Once petroleum characterization is done, the material stream is created with required pseudo compounds and its composition. Then you can use this material stream to perform the flash operation.
29-04-21, 6:56 p.m. ankitkumar

Thank you ankitkumar. What about the light componens? How do I add them? Also, in the Bulk C7+ the input will be either MW, Specific Gravity or Avg. Boiling Point, in order to creat the pseudocomponents? But that MW, S.G or Boiling Point available is the one including the light end components (methane to hexane) , so how should I handle that if I will be adding the light andes by separate which will be also affecting those values...
02-05-21, 5:26 a.m. diego.garcia

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