sciFLT toolbox - Unable to load block from...

Good afternoon. I have been using sciFLT without any problems for several weeks, and today it stopped working.I get the following error when loading the package:

Start Fuzzy Toolbox 0.4.6
Load macros
Load shared library
Load gateways
Load palette
atomsLoad: Anerror occurred while loading 'sciFLT-0.4.7':
xcosPalAddBlock: Unable to load block from "/home/dawid/.Scilab/scilab-5.5.2/atoms/sciFLT/0.4.7/images/h5/scicos_tnorm.sod": no `scs_m' variable found.

I've already tried reinstalling this toolbox and Scilab. I use Debian Testing 64-bit.

Scilab 25-12-16, 5:57 p.m. DLakomy
This is a problem with the toolbox. Please contact the toolbox author.
25-12-16, 10:32 p.m. shamika

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