Issue with CSTR!!!


I have 2 question,

Acetic Acid + Ethanol -> Ethyl Acetate + Water
A + B = C + D
-rA = k.Ca.Cb
P=1 bar
F=3600 kg/hr

  1. (a) In this run, I am not getting the same result as shown in the demonstration videos if I use molar concentration. I also need to know why the velocity units tab is not filled in the demonstration video ? I have included it in my reactions manager tab. But, I get different result of around 65 % conversion.
    (b) If I change the basis as activity, by keeping the amount tab blank and Velocity tab as Kmol/m3sec, I am getting the same result as in demonstration video. But, in addition, I also get water as 2395.14 %. which is incorrect!!!

    I am also attaching the DWSIM file !!!

  2. I would like to know further, under what conditions, the "correct" Basis is chosen? I would like to know when should I choose partial pressure, molar conc,. mass conc, fugacity or activity, molar or mass fraction ? and what will be the units in amount units and velocity units tab for each case?

Thank you,

DWSIM 14-04-21, 9:45 a.m. shahid03
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