Back signal (analigique) from Xcos to Openplc Runtime

Hello, I am using Scilab's Xcos in order to communicate with Openplc Runtime.

I take the function: y1 = modbus_writeRegs (pstrMod, u1,6) from XCOS and the number 1024 in order to push the value 6 into the address % MW0 of Openplc Runtime.

Modbus address % MW0 = 1024.

I programmed a PID in OpenPLC Runtime. The process (FT) is in XCOS.

The y1 function allows transfer to Openplc Runtime only once but I would like to transfer the value continuously in order to use a closed loop in PLC process feedback.

I would like to replace the value6, in the equation y1, with a variable at the output of the FT process.


Scilab 20-03-21, 6:56 a.m. cfillion
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25-03-21, 8:55 a.m. patrickan

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