OSDAG not opening


I have downloaded and installed OSDAG [Release 2021-02-15] on windows 10 64-bit , but it is not opening neither showing any error message.

During installation it did not install MiKTeX software mentioned in the instructions and steps vii) to xiv) of instructions did not appear. I installed MiKTeX seperately but it still did not open.

Osdag 10-03-21, 5:10 p.m. Ankit
Hi Ankit, You can uninstall and reinstall with internet on and install as administrator. If the problem persists do the following. For unable to open Osdag: Can you open command prompt in osdag folder and type in "python"? It should give you python version. installation location etc. If you get python version details as 3.* then you can type in... "python osdagMainPage.py" and press enter. Osdag will open. If it doesn't then you should add python path in your environmental it is which is "miniconda3\Library\bin" and "miniconda3\Scripts" (please make sure you enter full path you will find miniconda3 in osdag folder or programs32) and then do the above step. For Latex issue: open command prompt in osdag folder and type "latex". If it gives you version number and other details if means it is properly installed. Else you have to find where latex is installed and add it to your path. To add paths to your environmental variables you can just search for environmental varaibles in windows search bar. Please keep us posted.
12-03-21, 1:09 p.m. Deepthi


Thanks for answering! I installed Osdag on another pc and it worked. I tried with the command prompt though to see if it will work but it did not work. Nevertheless my problem is solved.  

12-03-21, 2:17 p.m. Ankit

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