Hi im so confused please help me with this sample question

2. Given a vector of heights of students in a class (in meters), return the average height.

(i) Given an n by 2 that has the heights of students in a class, where the first column is the part of the
height before the decimal point (in meters), and the second column is the part of the height after
the decimal point (ie. in cm), return an n by 1 vector that contains the height of the students in m.
Also: in cm. Eg., a row [1 63] means that the height of the person is 1m and 63cm.

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Bring me your grammar questions and I'll provide you with clear, helpful explanations. Hello! I found your website through Really Learn English. Well I am English this is I'm confused about the predicate. Past simple: use of "to do" in a sentence Please help me correct my sentence to see if it is grammatically correct.

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