ODE with mass Matrix : M(t,y)*dy/dt=F(t,y)


I want to solve this ODE : M(t,y)*dy/dt=F(t,y) with scilab.

I know with MATLAB it's possible to add a Mass matrix (M(t,y)) with odeset in the option parameter in ode45 but i could'nt find this in scilab.

I know i can use the inverse of the M matrix dy/dt=M(t,y)^-1*F(t,y), and then solve this with ode(type, x0,t0,t,Myfunction) but as they said in the Matlab help :"However, it is often more convenient and natural to express the model in terms of the mass matrix directly using M(t,y) y′=f(t,y), and avoiding the computation of the matrix inverse reduces the storage and execution time needed to solve the problem".

If someone now if there is a similar option or an other function to do this.

Thank you

Scilab 12-01-21, 10:09 p.m. Yunsha

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