Openfoam cannot find a single face in the mesh which uses vertices

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From two days, I am trying to create error free mesh in foam extend 4.0 (However, I suceed lots of time). For creating mesh, I used Ansys 2020 R2 and copy the mesh in openfoam. However, when I tried to run the command > fluentMeshToFoam <mesh_file_name> in foam extend 4.0, it is showing errors such as "cannot find a single face in the mesh which uses vertices" (file attached below).

My geometry is 2D but it is searching for 3D element. I think, in my Ansys 2020 R2, by default 3D option is selected. So, can anyone please suggest me how I can find and untick the 3D mesh/geometry option or what is the other possible mistakes I am doing while creating 2D mesh in Ansys 2020 R2.

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OpenFOAM 02-12-20, 10:12 p.m. guptaram@

I resolved above 3D element issue. You can also do it as, Open "Ansys 2020 R2" (if your using), from tool box select your required "Analysis systems" (such as "fluid flow fluent") then click at north-east of your dialog box 'fluid flow fluent' from there, click on "properties". Then it will open new dialog box in the same window, before looking into there click on "2. Geometry" option of your fluent dialog box, after that you will get the option named as "Analysis type" in the right side of previously opened window from there you can modify your 3D to 2D option.


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07-12-20, 1:31 p.m. guptaram@

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