I can't detect encoder in scilab 5.5.2 with Arduino v.3

Hi guys,

I'm currently working in inverted pendulum as my essay. So in my work, there's 2 encoder included and I'm using Scilab (5.5.2) in order to see how the graphic motions works for both encoder. I've been using Arduino toolbox 1.4 and uploaded Arduino v.3 to my Arduino Mega 2560. in X-Cos there's optional pin to read encoder for Arduino Mega which is 2,3 and 18 to 21. The problem is, the encoder can read onlyin pin 20 and 21, it can't work when I tried on pin 18 and 19 nor 2 and 3.

is there any solutions to this error?

I'm really thankful if anyone have the solutions to this problem.

Scilab-Arduino 26-11-20, 9:05 a.m. fazhad

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