No vortex shedding

Hi all, I am studying flow past a cylinder kept in between two parallel plates with Re=100. But i can't see vortex shedding. I have used properties of air at 303K with inlet parabolic velocity profile having maximum velocity=0.01603m/s at the center. Any form of suggestion or help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards Subhankar

OpenFOAM 31-10-16, 11:25 a.m. SUBHANKAR
Vortex shedding occurs when the flowfield becomes asymmetric. There might be a number of reasons for not getting vortex shedding. Some of them might be: 1) Low Re
2) ambiguity in fvSchemes and fvSolution files, etc.
You ma refer discussion on this thread to get an idea for the same: Vortex shedding
02-11-16, 10:07 a.m. virajbelekar

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