How to use call_scilab?

I keep getting this error:

Could not load JVM dynamic library (libjava).
Error:   If you are using a binary version of Scilab, please report a bug http://bugzilla.scilab.org/.
If you are using a self-built version of Scilab, update the script bin/scilab to provide the path to the JVM.
The problem might be related to SELinux. Try to deactivate it.
Please also check that you are not trying to run Scilab 64 bits on a 32 bits system (or vice versa).

I use Windows 10. Maybe I'm missing some important steps?

Here is the code

#include <iostream>
#include "call_scilab.h"
#include "api_scilab.h"

int main()
    if (StartScilab(NULL, NULL, 0) == FALSE)
        fprintf(stderr, "Error while calling StartScilab\n");
        return -1;
    else {
        std::cout << "success" << std::endl;

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