Dynamically schedule python scripts based off dates in csv

I'm trying to figure out the best practices for the following scenario. I have a python script that grabs data from an API, processes it, and returns a data frame of results including an event name, ID (for API reference) and a Date of particular sports matches each day (this is exported to a CSV if necessary).

From this (once at the start of each day), I'd like to schedule another script to run at the start of each separate match that takes the ID as an argument (to continually pull data). These scripts occasionally will need to occur at the same time. I've looked at Cron, APScheduler, Sched, etc. but am not sure which fits this purpose (if any).

Fairly new to python and any help would be greatly appreciated,


Python 15-10-20, 11:03 a.m. soumyarani

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