about transistor operating region

i am designing a differential amplifier using pmos current mirror as a load and i want to know in which region the transistor is operating. so how can i find the transistor operating region that is whether operating in saturation or linear or cutoff. please help me by giving appropiate answer

eSim 14-10-20, 8:43 p.m. harish

Dear Harish, Based on the configuration required you can choose the region of operation. For PMOS, in order to get the output characteristics:

1. Connect plot_i for the pin D and S of PMOS.

2. Connect plot_V2 for the pin G and S.

3. Connect plot_V2 for the pin D and S.

4. For VTH: If you are using the existing eSim MOSFET component: Go to eSim library>>deviceModelLibrary>> MOS and choose the PMOS model you want to use and check the VTHO or VTH (This is labelled as the threshold voltage in SPICE)

Now use the theoretical relation and find the region of operation based on the biasing you supply.

15-10-20, 9:07 a.m. Gloria

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